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Design, Build, Manage


Serving numerous site development needs in western North Carolina, Ace Construction strives to recognize many customer needs.  When developing and constructing commercial projects there are approved plans and criteria for construction that must be followed, not only to satisfy contracts but to also comply with overseeing authorities along with Specifications and industry regulations.  Many times we perform work on state and federally funded projects.  These have been professionally designed with detailed specifications.  However many times when developing and constructing residential projects, Ace Construction has the experience and reputation to offer an excellent design service.  With residential projects the client has a general idea of what is desired and can explain their needs.  We take into account the desires and needs of the client and assess how they relate to existing codes and regulations along with how can we blend the desires and needs with the property.  With over 30 years of combined experience, our management team has a tremendous amount of skill and knowledge in mountainous terrain land development.  On occasions when the scope of the project falls outside our knowledge and experience we consult a trusted network of industry professionals for steering and guidance so you can be assured that the design of your project is solid and adequate.   If you are a contractor looking for a NC licensed firm to develop and construct various areas of land development on an upcoming project we invite you to contact us.  Our administrative and organization skills will alleviate any concern for timely submittals or productive communication.   We provide our clients with a progressive project management and collaboration resource within our website called the "Client's Room".  Inside the Client's Room we store, manage, collaborate, and schedule the administrative, logitical, and operational phases of the project in a way that is clean and current for clients to stay infomed and participate in their project whether they are local or hundreds of miles away.  Our history of strong work ethic, team-first attitude, and emphasis on professionalism will provide you with the outstanding service that should be expected in today's competitive construction industry.  With todays market we embrace the opportunity to build lasting relationships with General Contractors.  The time and effort that goes into performing an accurate project take-off, preparing a market-based proposal, and submitting a bid is very valuable to us.  We know this may be the first example of Ace Construction's quality, a new General Contractor may see.  The opportunity to begin a lasting relationship satisfies todays objective enabling us to meet tomorrows goal. If you are not a contractor, but you need one for an upcoming project we encourage you to contact us for complete assurance that your project is designed adequately.  We will ensure that your project remains in full compliance with existing codes and regulations.  We listen with intent to your desires and concerns so that your project evolves exactly as you wish and leaves you with the confidence that it was designed, developed, and constructed to the highest standards in the industry.  We can recommend General Contractors and subcontractors local to the area that parallel our corporate philosophy. We are a turn-key land development contractor; call us for your next project at:    828-549-8ACE! 

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